Travis Woo

Travis Woo is one of the premier deckbuilders in Magic. His Through the Breach/Cloudpost deck reached the Top 8 of PT Philadelphia 2011 in the hands of Jesse Hampton, while his most well-known contribution, Living End, earned him a Top 8 at Grand Prix Oakland 2010. Through Travis's stream in concert with his viewers, he continues to produce exciting decks for competitive and casual players alike, and his passion for the game pervades his work.

Modern Honored Delver

Moving from Standard to Modern, Travis experiments with teaming up Honored Hierarch with the real Delver of Secrets!

The Return of Standard Delver

No, Delver of Secrets hasn’t been reprinted. But the archetype lives on in spirit—check out Travis Woo’s aggro-control RUG brew!

Reevaluating Honored Hierarch

What was once considered one of Origins’ biggest letdowns may be its biggest sleeper—Travis shows you just what Honored Hierarch can do.

Jeskai Ascendancy Combo

Travis unveils the deck he would have played at PTBFZ—he couldn’t play it in that event, but you can play it in your next one!

Playing Magic Together

Magic may be a 1-on-1 game, but you can learn a lot by thinking collectively and working collaboratively.

Going Infinite In Standard

You don’t get many opportunities to play an infinite combo in Standard—check out Travis Woo’s first crack at the newest one!

The Power of Opportunity Cost

To add a card, you have to cut a card. This principle drives deckbuilding, and its a lesson you can apply elsewhere in life.

Modern Knightfall Combo

Travis Woo breaks down his first build of an exciting new Modern combo deck made possible by Battle for Zendikar!

Eldrazi Brew Fest – Results

What’s the best way to ramp out a giant Eldrazi? Travis shares the most creative and compelling submissions from his latest Brew Fest!

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