Tim Aten

Though not featured on its Wikipedia page, Tim Aten maintains that he's one of Vermilion, Ohio's most famous residents. After a run on the Pro Tour in the mid-2000s that included a Team GP win and a 15th-place finish at PT London 2005, he worked for several years as an editor at Wizards of the Coast. He was also on a game show or something.

Aten’s Angry About It

From the Sick of It tradition comes a fresh batch of rants from the mind of Tim Aten. Coverage, content, commentary—no one is safe!

Tim’s Top 20 (Flops)

Always a beacon of positive thought, today Tim brings us his Top 20 list of overrated cards.

A Limited Look at M10 (by A10)

Tim offers an in-depth look at some of the cards he finds interesting for M10 Limited play, as well as a very on-topic bonus section on grammar!

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