Riley Knight

Riley Knight started playing Magic in 2012. After representing Australia at the 2013 World Magic Cup, he joined the Magic coverage team and has covered tournaments all around the world ever since. Riley's favorite formats are Modern and Cube, and he likes to play most of his Magic in his opponents' end steps.

Cheap Tricks: $15 Zero-Rare Mill

Cheap tricks is back for your weekly fix of budget MTG deck’s. This week he’s covering the $15 Zero-Rare Mill! Join him as he plays on Magic Arena!

Channel Firebrawl: Yarok ETB

This week on Channel Firebrawl Riley is taking a look at Yarok ETB. Join him to see if this deck will hold it’s own in Brawl on MTG Magic Arena.

Cheap Tricks: $30 BG Adventures

Riley Knight is back for more budget deck advice! This week he’s playing the $30 BG Adventures. Join him as he plays on MTG Magic Arena!

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