Reid Duke

Reid Duke is a member of the MTG Hall of Fame. He’s written prolifically about a wide range of concepts and formats, including more than eight years with ChannelFireball.com. He’s respected for his work ethic and sportsmanship. Career highlights: Magic Online Champion 2011; Team Series Champion (Ultimate Guard Pro Team) 2018; Runner-up World Championship 2013; four Pro Tour top 8’s; 24 Grand Prix Top 8’s including six wins

The Whip of Erebos

Whip of Erebos is the best card in Standard. Reid shows you how to use it.

Devotion after Khans of Tarkir

Khans will push Standard toward 3-color mana bases. Reid brings you a devotion build in each color so you can keep your own mana stable.

The Wanderer Bard

Looking for something fun and different for the final days of Standard? Reid’s got a brew with Yisan that he took it to an Open!

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