Reid Duke

Reid Duke is a member of the MTG Hall of Fame. He’s written prolifically about a wide range of concepts and formats, including more than eight years with ChannelFireball.com. He’s respected for his work ethic and sportsmanship. Career highlights: Magic Online Champion 2011; Team Series Champion (Ultimate Guard Pro Team) 2018; Runner-up World Championship 2013; four Pro Tour top 8’s; 24 Grand Prix Top 8’s including six wins

Jund – Modern | Channel Reid

The master of G/B/x midrange has a unique take on old favorite Jund featuring some spicy new inclusions like Hazoret and Rabblemaster!

Channel Reid – Modern Abzan

As part of his guide to all things G/B Midrange, Reid demonstrates Abzan, the variant with the most firepower against other fair decks.

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