Possibility Storm

Possibility Storm was launched in early 2017 by Alex Wolf and Brian Dale, and has produced a new Magic puzzle (almost) every week since. The puzzles aim to let players explore unique challenges and employ unconventional tactics to "win this turn" in seemingly-impossible scenarios, and educate players on quirky rules interactions that can give them an extra edge both casual and competitive play. The project is supported by a team of judges and testers from around the world.

Possibility Storm Puzzle: Lithoform Engine

In this week’s puzzle, two dragons are on board and you have a host of options for how (or if) to use your Lithoform Engine. There are many paths to 12, but only one path to the 13 you need to win. Can you find it? (Hint: It’s a weeeeeird one.)

Possibility Storm Puzzle: MDFC-Mania

How many possible options could you have with only a three card hand? Well, at least six if every card is also a land. See if you can figure out how to solve this week’s puzzle without losing to Massacre Wurm first!

Possibility Storm

Puzzle: Death’s Shadow 2.0 [Difficulty: Mythic]

Ready for another mind-melting puzzle? At the center of today’s puzzle is one of Zendikar Rising’s spiciest creatures – Scourge of the Skycleaves. Can you figure out how to mess around with it to hit for lethal, regardless of however the opponent might try to stop you?

Puzzle: Many Close Paths [Difficulty: Uncommon]

We’re back with another puzzle! This week you’re presented with a pretty strange board state, and are up against a big challenge of dealing a huge 16 damage this turn. There are a ton of different ways to try, but only one that works. Can you find it?

Ikoria Puzzle – Mutate This!

We’re back with another puzzle! This time, the board on both sides has been slowly dominated by Mutate effects, and if you don’t win this turn, it looks like your opponent might run away with victory soon. But they’re at 16 life, you can’t possibly hit them for that much this turn… can you?

possibility storm theros beyond death puzzle 7 banner

Puzzle: Win Before You LOSE!

We’re doing things a little different this week. We start the puzzle on our opponent’s turn, and we’re under attack! Not only that, but they’re packing three Underworld Dreams that’ll finish us off the next time we draw a card.

possibility storm theros beyond death 3 banner

Puzzle: Big Pig

Heeee’s a big pig! You can be a big pig too. Are Lion King references too old? Regardless, in this week’s puzzle you’ve got Pumbaa on your side and several ways to generate a lot of damage triggers. See if you can piece it all together to win this turn!

possibility storm theros beyond death puzzle 5

Puzzle: Finding Fblthp

Help – Fblthp stumbled his was into this week’s puzzle! Poor little guy looks so lost. Come help him find his way home, and see if you can solve this week’s Possibility Storm “Rare”-difficulty puzzle while you’re at it. (Featuring an [almost] infinite combo.)

possibility storm theros puzzle 4 banner

Puzzle: Dream Trawlin’

Tired of losing to Dream Trawler? Hexproof and big swings got you down? This week’s puzzle is here to help. Get behind your own flying untouchable damage machine and figure out how to deal lethal damage to your opponent this turn. (Oh, and bring your abacus.)

Puzzle: Send in the Clones

This week’s puzzle is the first “Mythic” difficulty challenge of the THB season, and this one is full to the brim with tricky moves you’ll need to use to win. Only about a dozen people solved it so far. Can you make it 13?

Possibility Storm Theros Beyond Death Puzzle Number 2

Puzzle: Deputy of Buzzkillery

Just when you were ready to have fun with Nyxbloom Ancient and some big mana effects, your buzzkill opponent detained it with their Deputy of Detention.

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