Paul Rietzl

After taking a break from playing competitively, Paul returned to the Pro Tour in 2009 with a splash. He followed up his Top 8 in Honolulu with a win in Amsterdam and a finals appearance in Paris, all while piloting aggressive white decks!

How to Learn Limited

Paul Rietzl has an astounding 51-9 record in high-level drafts over the last three years, and today he breaks down how he learned to be a better drafter.

Blue Moon Deck Guide

Ancestral Vision is exactly the tool Blue Moon needed to ascend once again to the competitive tier—alongside one large, helpful Goblin.

Mardu in Modern

With Twin gone, Abrupt Decay is no longer required—there’s room for a new kind of midrange deck that fuses the best of Jeskai and GBx.

Naya Zoo

PT Champion Paul Rietzl brings you a primer and sideboard guide for the version of Zoo with Collected Company he took to 13-2 in Charlotte!

Tempered Steel

Testing with a new team, Paul Rietzl brought a new take on Affinity to D.C., built to dodge the hate with one very powerful enchantment.

Protect Yourself

Paul Rietzl offers the keys to protecting yourself from dishonest play at your next event.


How do you get out of a slump? Paul Rietzl engages his own recent downswing in a reflective examination of the problem.

Feature Article – From Bant to Boros

In his first article for Channelfireball.com, Paul Rietzl covers a variety of topics, up to and including why he played Bant at the Pro Tour and what an updated Boros list would look like post-banning!

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