Owen Turtenwald

With the help of a record-setting seven Grand Prix Top 8's in 2011, Owen Turtenwald claimed the final Player of the Year title, cementing his position as one of the best players in the game.

Saving My Pro Tour Draft

At PTOGW, Owen’s draft started out all wrong. But with some careful drafting—and a little luck—he managed to set it back on track.

Study the Tape

You want to improve at Magic? Forget the hackneyed tips like “rest up” and “drink water,” and take a page from sports: study film.

The Value of a Card

There’s so much more to Magic than identifying an intrinsically powerful card or when your opponent got lucky. Discover why.

Blitzing Naya

Owen breaks down the keys to defeating Naya Blitz—a tough-to-beat mashup of Zoo and Burn!

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