Ondřej Stráský

Ondrej Strasky is relatively new to the competitive scene. Despite his young age he has already reached the Top 8 of multiple Pro Tours and Grand Prix, and has been ranked in the Top 25 for two years in a row. As a member of Team ChannelFireball Ice, he is looking to cement himself as one of the game's best players.

Gwent for Magic Players

Can’t get enough of collectible card gaming? Ondrej shows you the ropes of CD PROJEKT RED’s new Witcher-inspired card game, Gwent.

Approach with Ixalan

Ondrej revisits U/W Approach to see how it has changed since the rotation, with an updated list and sideboard guide.

U/W Approach

Ondrej took a last-minute gamble with U/W Approach in Turin, and while it didn’t pay off, it comes out of rotation remarkably unscathed.

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