Nico Bohny

Nico Bohny is a retired Pro Player who lives in Switzerland, a beautiful little non-Swedish country in Europe. His passion for the game hasn’t faded as quickly as his Pro Tour attendances, he still loves to figure out how to draft durdly decks in newer Limited Formats, as well as try wacky draft challenges to improve his nonsense skills. In the past, he Top 8’d two PTs, two GPs, and went for Gold in the Team World Championship in 2007. Nowadays, he loves to tell his kids stories of how he used to be the probably best player in the whole world.

Vintage Sultai Primer

If you’re looking for a way to jump into Vintage, Nico’s Sultai list sports powerful threats, an impressive win rate—and no Black Lotus.

A First Look at Ixalan Draft

A solid understanding of a Draft format starts with the commons and uncommons, mechanics, payoffs, archetypes, and speed.

Mardu Control in Standard

Nico set out to find a control deck that beat Red. What he ended up with wasn’t great at that… but it’s solid against everything else!

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