Neal Oliver

Neal Oliver made his Pro Tour debut at PT Theros after his big win at Grand Prix Las Vegas 2013. Since then he's been building up his game trying to break through at the PT level, and has an avid interest in Limited. He hopes his future success will match his love for the game, but appreciates learning and becoming the best he can be above all else.

Drafting U/B in Amonkhet

Sometimes, you end up in an undesirable archetype. Neal shows you how to make the most of Amonkhet’s toughest color pair.

U/W Drake Haven

Drake Haven is one of the most exciting new engines from Amonkhet, and Neal sets to work brewing up a controlling blue-white home for it.

Infinite Menagerie

The full spoiler for Amonkhet is out, and Neal isn’t wasting any time with an infinite creature combo built around Vizier of the Menagerie!

Landing in Amonkhet

With the return of cycling in Amonkhet , we’re headed for a more skill-testing Constructed and Limited environment.

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