Listen to some combination of Tom, Conley, Jack, Eric, Marcel every week; they are the team that has been bringing you magic news for the past 5+ years. You already know Conley, Tom is the resident Tribal and EDH nut, Jack pushes the casual boundries, Marcel is our MTGO master and Eric tries his best to be the MTGCast den mother.

ForceSpikes 16B – Part 2 with TSG

The guys from Force Spikes extend their interview with Channelfireball’s own TSG. They talk content, the future, and most importantly Cube.

CommanderCast #15

Andy is back on the mic with Byron, Carlos and special guest Nick this week in another blistering-hot CommanderCast episode.

Monday Night Magic #247

The guys talk GP Denver, The “FTV: Legends without Legs” contest continues, upcoming events, and much more this week.

ManaScrewed #38 Podcast

Your hosts Robert, Tangent, and Jack bring you their view on the world of Magic in Manascrewed Podcast Number #38

Monday Night Magic #245

Episode #245 of Monday Night Magic – Where the boys talk FNM drafting, FtV:Legends, and many not Magic related topics.

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