Matt Nass

Matt Nass is a man whose name has become synonymous with combo. Grand Prix wins with Elves, Krark-Clan Ironworks, and a stream famous for off-the-wall decks have made him the go-to source for unconventional lists.

Neoform Combo in Modern

War of the Spark has unleashed a new combo that is already raising questions about a possible banning.

Simic Nexus Guide

The master of combo himself breaks down every matchup with Standard’s best version of the archetype.

Standard Sultai Deck Guide

Sultai is the most important deck in Standard, and Matt Nass gives you the tools you need to pilot it like a pro.

Simic Climb Guide

Ravnica Allegiance brought a ton of powerful Simic cards to Standard, and Hadana’s Climb is the perfect tool to tie them all together.

How to Play Black-Green in Standard

Matt Nass decided to drop the brews and focus on tuning strong metagame decks instead, and he shares everything he learned from his work on Golgari.

How to Play Hardened Scales

Hardened Scales went from fun fringe deck to the top tier of Modern, and Matt has more reps with the deck than just about anyone.

How to KCI, Revisited

Matt revisits his Modern KCI deck guide and offers some updates based on the shifting metagame.

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