Matt Costa

As a college student from Boston, MA, Matt Costa has been playing Magic on and off for the better part of 10 years. He got his start in competitive Magic in the Junior Super Series, and played his first PTQ in 2008, qualifying in 2010. Originally considered a Limited player, Matt is now best known for playing blue decks like Delver, Flash, and Faeries. As the youngest member of Team Pantheon, Matt is there to remind the old guys of their glory days. He focuses his energy on tempo decks and "normal" ideas to leave room for everyone else to work on more... creative projects. He prefers to help his team members improve their decks, rather than dedicate himself entirely to developing his own.

Back to Nonbasics – RUG Delver

True-Name forced RUG Delver out of the Legacy metagame, but the ensuing rise of Miracles and combo could mean it’s ready for a comeback!

Flash Forward

Matt Costa addresses a few commons concerns about UWR Flash, and helps you adapt the deck for your PTQ metagame!

UWR Flash in Modern

Looking for a deck to take down your Modern PTQ? Matt Costa breaks down everything you need to know about playing fair with UWR Flash!

New Ephara: Devoted to White

White is no longer the only color without a strong devotion deck in Standard—Matt Costa thinks Ephara will take the deck to the top tier!

Switching Gears

Being able to assume the correct role is a matter of proper tools, planning, and play.

Pacing and UWR Miracles

The clock is one of the least appreciated yet most important aspects of competitive play—learning to manage time in a match is critical.

Attacking Modern in Valencia

Reid Duke and Matt Costa proved that the loss of Deathrite doesn’t mean BG is dead. In fact, it may be the best choice for #GPRich!

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