Matt Costa

As a college student from Boston, MA, Matt Costa has been playing Magic on and off for the better part of 10 years. He got his start in competitive Magic in the Junior Super Series, and played his first PTQ in 2008, qualifying in 2010. Originally considered a Limited player, Matt is now best known for playing blue decks like Delver, Flash, and Faeries. As the youngest member of Team Pantheon, Matt is there to remind the old guys of their glory days. He focuses his energy on tempo decks and "normal" ideas to leave room for everyone else to work on more... creative projects. He prefers to help his team members improve their decks, rather than dedicate himself entirely to developing his own.

Grixis Control in Modern

Get the full primer on Modern’s newest tier 1 deck, a Grixis Control deck designed by Dave Shiels, just in time for GP Charlotte!

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