Martin Juza

32 GP top eights and five wins make Martin Juza one of the most successful Grand Prix players of all time. He was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 and currently competes in the Rivals League

TeamCFB Deck Guide – Bant Ramp

Bant is one of the decks to beat in Standard, and Martin has a slightly different take on it. His deck guide covers everything you need to know, including card choices and sideboarding.

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The Best Decks in Standard Right Now

This is one of the most diverse Standard formats we’ve seen in some time, with aggro, midrange, control, and combo all viable. Martin shows you the best decks in the format, and his top 3 picks for this weekend.

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U/R Ensoul Deck Guide (Pioneer)

U/R Ensoul looked like it might be chased out of Pioneer by Fatal Push and Thoughtseize, then it put four copies into the Top 8 of GP Nagoya. Martin has a complete breakdown and sideboard guide.

Dimir Inverter Is The Truth

Martin barely missed Top 8 with Dimir Inverter, and believes it’s a fantastic choice – don’t miss his deck guide as he goes over every detail.

Martin Juza Thassa Standard

Thassa Is Busted

Martin’s got his pick for the best card in Theros Beyond Death now, and he’s got five brews lined up for the new format featuring the set’s biggest bomb.

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Blue-White Control: Standard Deck Guide

Blue-white control was poorly positioned against Field of the Dead and Oko, but with those cards freshly added to the ban list, it’s a strong choice for the current metagame.

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