Martin Juza

32 GP top eights and five wins make Martin Juza one of the most successful Grand Prix players of all time. He was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 and currently competes in the Rivals League

Historic U/W Auras Deck Guide

UW Auras is one of the best decks in the Historic format. With Field of the Dead now out of the way, let’s see if it makes it to the top!

Historic Mono-Red Deck Guide

Because every format has to have a red aggro deck. Check out this deck guide for the recently returned Mono-Red Deck List in Historic.

Amonkhet Remastered in Historic

Martin Juza has all of the information you need to be ready for the Amonkhet Remastered release tomorrow. Check out all of these upgraded Historic deck lists you could be playing.

Ozrhov Yorion Deck Guide

Standard recently had some major changes and our Pros are helping find the next top deck. Will it be Orzhov Yorion?

Historic Bans Reaction

In the famous words of Owen Wilson, WOW! What a week of bans. Here is Martin Juza’s Historic Ban Reactions and how it affects the power rankings.

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