Martin Juza

32 GP top eights and five wins make Martin Juza one of the most successful Grand Prix players of all time. He was voted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 and currently competes in the Rivals League

Jeskai Cycling Deck Guide

Who knew Cycling could be so much fun? Well, everyone actually. Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza on Jeskai Cycling!

Brewing with Song of Creation

Ramp up your Standard game play with this Song of Creation Deck Guide. Turn 1: Land, Turn 2: Land, Turn 3: How did I get 5 lands already? Find out here!

Mono-White Devotion Deck Guide

Lifelink, counters,& infinite damage, oh my! All the best parts of playing a White Devotion deck. Martin Juza’s explains just how possible that combo is!

Common Mistakes and Misconceptions

Martin Juza gives you some pro tips on what you might be doing wrong. Check out his guide on what common mistakes are made and ways to adapt your playstyle.

Rakdos Sacrifice Deck Guide

Check out Martin Juza’s detailed explanation of the perfectly aggressive Rakdos Sacrifice deck in Standard, including a complete sideboard guide.

martin juza pioneer deck guide ur ensoul banner

Five Rogue Pioneer Decks

Martin has been investigating the fringes of Pioneer, and has five sweet brews that he thinks have real potential to attack the metagame.

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