Martin Juza

Martin is considered one of the top players in the world and a rare Limited specialist, with multiple Grand Prix Top 8s and wins to show for it. His busy travel schedule has him attending most Grands Prix worldwide, and he brings an international perspective on preparation to Team ChannelFireball.

Black/White Control Deck Guide

Martin helped build the deck that won #PTEMN, but it wasn’t tuned correctly. He brings you a new list with the proper adjustments!

Beating Eldrazi

GP Detroit will be overrun with Eldrazi. Martin Juza is here to help you find the best weapon to take them down.

RG Dragons Deck Guide

Martin Juza breaks down the deck that he and Brad Nelson played at GP London, and that rewarded him with a Top 8 finish!

Sidisi Megamorph Deck Guide

Martin has been working to find the best combination of Sidisi and Deathmist Raptor, and brings you his results with a full sideboard guide!

A New Red/Green Midrange

Martin Juza’s been busy tinkering in Standard, and has a great new shell for Outpost Siege built to get the enchantment on board fast!

Analyzing GP Memphis

Martin Juza takes a look at a few of the most interesting developments from Memphis—from BUG to Mono-Black Humans to Waste Not Discard!

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