Luis Scott-Vargas

Luis is one of the most accomplished players in Magic: the Gathering history. His resume includes ten PT top 8s with a win at Berlin in 2008, fifteen GP Top 8s with five wins, and a Hall of Fame induction in 2013. He can often be found playing Vintage in between competitions and loves any format where Force of Will is legal.

Introduction to Elder Dragon Highlander

by Sean Catanese

Hello, my name is Sean Catanese and I want to recruit you.
I’m a Level 1 judge residing in Sacramento, California. I run Friday Night Magic and other Magic events for Great Escape Games, which houses the largest play area in the region. I’ve spent some time evangelizing Elder Dragon Highlander, also known as EDH, at my local stores with the goal of expanding the player base beyond judges and their friends. I think it’s working.

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