Jon Corpora

Jon Corpora is a copywriter from Upstate New York with a penchant for Momir Basic. Jon can be found at any northeast PTQ, telling money drafters to put Bellows Lizard in their decks.

The Stacks

What’s the best tournament report ever written? Jon Corpora attempts to rank the top 10.

Then and Now

Has Magic been “dumbed down”? Jon Corpora takes a look at the decks of metagames past to find out.

Best Laid Plans

Jon Corpora’s preparation didn’t quite pay off in Providence—but he learned a lot in the process.

Your Providence Primer

GP Providence may feature one of the hardest Limited formats we’ve ever seen—RTR Block Team Sealed. Jon scratches the surface with a pool breakdown.

Mailbag #1

Jon Corpora covers Magic’s unsinkability, Kevin Durant, and more.


Grinding, Team Limited at GP Providence, and why Finkel is better than Jordan (in a nutshell).

Breaking Point

Is Sphinx’s Revelation a problem, and if it is, can Dragon’s Maze fix it?

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