Jon Chabot

Jon learned about Magic the day after he graduated from Boston University; upon returning home he was intrigued to find most of his friends slinging cardboard at one another. Shortly thereafter, the world came to an end (for the first time) when Chronicles was released. Having lived through several subsequent Magic apocalypses, he chronicled his travails dodging the falling pieces of sky in various journals over the years. He participated in many sides of the hobby; a competitor, deckbuilder, writer, and game store manager, as well as a father trying to raise a new generation of gamers. Currently residing in New Hampshire, Jon and his wife Kimberly teach Magic to disabled students, play at local game stores and while away the weekends playing EDH at cafes and trying to get other couples together to Cube draft. His favorite format is Team Rochester Draft and his favorite activity is tilting at windmills.

Color Pairings in Theros Limited

Get ready for GP Sacramento with Jon Chabot’s complete primer on the best color pairs in Theros, and how to optimally draft around each one!

Pacing in Theros

You can learn a lot from the general trends of a Limited format, and Theros has many lessons to teach.

Tiers in Theros Draft

Jon Chabot breaks down some of the fundamentals of Theros draft and his comprehensive categorization of the “tiers” in each color!

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