Florian Koch

Florian Koch started playing Magic in 1994, but first saw major success with a win at GP Lyon in 2010. Another GP Top 8 in Madrid in 2012 soon followed, where he brought the Legacy Omniscience deck to the forefront of the format.

World Championship Special

Florian Koch provides a special issue on the World Championship in Amsterdam, with complete player profiles and information on the event!

UBRG Delver

Is adding a fourth color to a deck with 14 color-producing lands insanity? For a card like Deathrite Shaman in Legacy, it might be worth it.

Vintage – Oath of Druids

The Bazaar of Moxen is one of the only opportunities to play the connoisseur’s format: Vintage. Florian Koch took Oath of Druids to battle, and breaks down the deck in full!

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