Eric Moyer

Eric Moyer learned to play Magic competitively during Khans of Tarkir in the ChannelFireball Game Center in Santa Clara, California before recently moving to The Netherlands for graduate school. Priding himself on being an analytical player, his goals are to continue improving his game in order to qualify for the Pro Tour. He enjoys long walks on the beach and playing aggro combo decks in non-rotating formats.

Give Us a Ban Watchlist

With all the bans that have been going around Magic recently, Eric argues for more transparency – and a Watchlist for both bans and unbans.

Drafting Like a Computer: Part 2

MTG Arena Draft would be better if we could develop bots that better mimic humans. Today Eric wraps up his series on how to make that a reality.

Drafting Like a Computer: Part 1

MTG Arena Draft would be better if we could use deep learning to have the bots mimic human tendencies and behaviors, and today Eric explains how to make that happen.

The Way of Water

In the lineage of Adrian Sullivan’s Philosophy of Fire, Eric Moyer attempts to define tempo.

Angle Shooting

What is angle shooting exactly? Where would you draw the line? The answer, obviously, isn’t black and white.

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