Daniel Unwin

As a player, Daniel attended seven Pro Tours and made the Top 8 of four Grand Prix. Daniel has experienced success as a dedicated deck builder, including the construction of the Zendikar Block deck that Jeremy Neeman played to a Top 8 finish at Pro Tour San Juan. Since parting ways with competitive magic, Daniel continues to build decks and is always looking to innovate and create solutions in numerous formats.

Gifts Ungiven in Vintage

There’s never been a better time to play Vintage, and Daniel Unwin brings you a control deck that is as challenging as it is fun to play!

U/W Tempo

Daniel Unwin’s Pro Tour deck had a hard time finding takers—but it ended up looking a lot like the best performing deck in the event.

Doomsday Gifts in Vintage

Vintage aficionado Daniel Unwin breaks down a deck of his own design that combines 4 copies each of Magic’s two most complicated cards!

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