Conley is known for his love of rogue decks, and his unconventional deckbuilding technique has resulted in numerous success stories. He won GP Orlando to kick off 2012, made Top 8 at Grand Prix Oakland 2010, was the Grand Prix Tampa 2009 finalist, and made top 4 of both Pro Tour Honolulu 2009 and Worlds 2011.

Breaking Through – That Little Voice

Conley Woods

by Conley Woods

Earlier this week, Matt Sperling wrote about how we should trust our emotions/intuition when playing, and Conley disagreed on the terminology used. Today, he presents his arguments about how what some might term “emotion” is really just another type of logic, and the pitfalls that using it may bring!

Breaking Through – Commitment

Excellence in anything takes commitment, and Conley is here to drive that lesson home. He examines what it takes to succeed in Magic.

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