Josh Silvestri

Unraveling Mystery Drafts

Mystery Booster Drafts have been a highlight of MagicFest events. Josh Silvestri discusses how fun they can be and suggests you try them out at your LGS.

Silvestri Anax Hardened in the Forge Standard Mono Red

There Are 3 Viable Builds of Mono-Red

Standard events are starting in full swing, and Silvestri has Red pegged as the archetype to play, but there are three good options. He breaks down Mono-Red, Medium Red, and Bigger Red.

Nykthos Pioneer

The New Pillars of Pioneer

Josh has been going deep learning Pioneer, and today he highlights the pillars of the format you must understand to find success.

Golos Field Fires

How to Win the Golos Mirror

Few things are more important right now than having a plan for the Golos mirror. Josh provides a highly detailed breakdown of how to stay one step ahead.

Trouble in Teferi Town

It’s Teferi’s world, and we’re all just living in it. But does Standard have the tools to knock Teferi of his perch?

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