Carrie Oliver

Carrie is relatively new to Magic, with a grand total of three years of play under her belt. In this short time, she has already made three Pro Tour appearances, finishing 32nd at Nagoya in 2011. Additionally, she has qualified to represent England at both the 2012 and 2013 World Magic Cups. Having been bitten by the Pro Tour bug, she now seeks to make it onto the Pro scene full-time. Her articles are aimed at helping newer players improve their game. Carrie lives in Cambridge, UK and studies Breast Cancer as her full-time job.

Humanizing Standard

After analyzing the post-Baltimore metagame, Carrie decided to work on Humans, which has what she thinks is the best position for the current field.

Diary of a Pro Tour

Carrie Oliver walks us through her day-by-day preparation and performance in Pro Tour Honolulu!

The Undying Pod

The Undying mechanic is brand new to Dark Ascension, so Carrie looks at how it works with Birthing Pod!

Sorin’s a Win

Carrie takes a look at where Magic’s newest Planeswalker could fit into the game!

Teachings in Modern

If you are looking for a control deck to play in Modern, Carrie breaks down and gives matchups for her Esper Teachings deck!

Modernizing Reanimator

Carrie examines the merits of zombification in the Modern world. With Punishing Fire and Wild Nacatl freshly interred, does Reanimator have what it takes to rise again this PTQ season?

Planeswalking to Hawaii

In her first article for ChannelFireball Carrie chronicles her quest for Planeswalker Points over a week of Magic at GP: San Diego and Worlds!

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