Brian Braun-Duin

BBD started playing Magic competitively in 2012 and since then has been driven to succeed at the Professional level, increasing his efforts each year. With 4 Grand Prix Top 8s, including a finals appearance at GP Oklahoma City, and wins in both Louisville and New Jersey, his greatest strength as a player is his motivation, work ethic, and drive to succeed.

GB Delirium Update

BBD learned a few lessons about his team’s deck the hard way at #PTEMN, and breaks down its shortcomings along with how to fix them!

Ups and Downs

BBD started 7-1 on Day 1 of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon. Where it went from there is somewhat spoiled by the title.

Got There

After a long year of grinding Grand Prix, BBD at last snagged the GP Pro Point leader title—and a trip to Worlds.

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