Brad Nelson

Brad got his start on Magic Online, but recently has been dominating live events with equal ease. He won Grand Prix DC 2010, and followed that up a week later with a Top 8 finish at Pro Tour San Juan. He also made Top 8 at US Nationals 2009 and finished 9th at his debut Pro Tour, Honolulu 2009.

FFfreaky Friday – Variance

With an unsatisfying finish at Worlds, Brad takes a look at how variance can help you improve both your Magic experience and life in general.

FFfreaky Friday – Scars of Canada *2nd*

With the Player of the Year title in sight, Brad takes us through his top 8 performance at Grand Prix Toronto, sharing some insights hear learned about Scars Limited along the way!

FFfreaky Friday – Limited Lectures

Today, Brad lists all of the major categories Sealed decks will fall into, and discusses the strategies you can use to defeat them, regardless of what you open!

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