Bob Huang

Bob is an avid Modern and Legacy enthusiast, and prides himself as a strong deck designer. He brought Grishoalbrand and UR Treasure Cruise Delver to the forefront of their respective formats, and he likes analyzing and exploiting holes in the metagame. He stands by Benjamin Franklin's quote: "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

May 2015 Legacy Metagame Analysis

Bob Huang breaks down all the top decks in the Legacy metagame—some have remained on top, but a few new decks now challenge their position.

Cruising to Victory in New Jersey

Bob wasted no time breaking Legacy with Treasure Cruise. He took UR Delver to 1st at the latest Open,and discusses the future of the format!

Team America in DC *Top 16*

Bob Huang took BUG Delver to GP DC and battled his way to 16th place. He shares a full recap of his tournament and thoughts on the deck.

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