Ben Werne

Ben, aka MisterMetronome, is a high school band director with a Master's Degree in Clarinet Performance by day and an Arena/MTGO draft streamer by night. One of the the co-hosts of the Lords of Limited podcast, he works to understand and teach limited formats as effectively as possible. You can find him streaming at twitch.tv/mistermetronome and on Twitter @mistermetronome.

Kamigawa Draft with Ben Werne

The Lords of Limited’s own Ben Werne, aka MisterMetronome, is sneaking into Kamigawa Draft with his take on Limited’s UB Ninjas!

Arena Cube Draft | Ben Werne

Ben Werne, aka MisterMetronome, is taking on the latest iteration of Arena Cube with a spicy BW deck in his latest Arena Cube Draft!

Ben Werne Drafts Crimson Vow

There’s a lot to learn about Crimson Vow draft still, including what to do after first picking a Creepy Puppteer.

Redesigning Forgotten Realms Draft

Ben’s not the biggest fan of Forgotten Realms Draft, but with a few tweaks, he think it could have some real potential as a Limited format!

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