Ben Werne

Ben, aka MisterMetronome, is a high school band director with a Master's Degree in Clarinet Performance by day and an Arena/MTGO draft streamer by night. One of the the co-hosts of the Lords of Limited podcast, he works to understand and teach limited formats as effectively as possible. You can find him streaming at twitch.tv/mistermetronome and on Twitter @mistermetronome. Use promo code LORDSOFLIMITED at checkout on TCGplayer.com!

Kamigawa Draft with Ben Werne

The Lords of Limited’s own Ben Werne, aka MisterMetronome, is sneaking into Kamigawa Draft with his take on Limited’s UB Ninjas!

Arena Cube Draft | Ben Werne

Ben Werne, aka MisterMetronome, is taking on the latest iteration of Arena Cube with a spicy BW deck in his latest Arena Cube Draft!

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