Alexander West

Alexander West qualified for his first Pro Tour at the second Grand Prix he attended, playing White Weenie in Time Spiral Block to a Top 16 finish. He became a grinder on the Grand Prix circuit with many Top 16 finishes, as well as two Top 8s in Limited formats. He was a founding member of the teams that are now The Pantheon and Team TCGPlayer. His favorite Magic accomplishment is designing Craig Wescoe's PT-Dragon's-Maze-winning Selesnya Tokens deck.

Grixis Whir

Lock your opponent out with Ensnaring Bridge, Chalice of the Void, and Witchbane Orb,

Sultai Skies

Make a huge Cub or Hydra and send them to the air with Cartouche of Knowledge!

Modern Tooth and Nail

Alex West brewed up a few spicy ones for GP Vancouver—one of which is a Green Devotion deck built to attack with a hasty 30/30 Emrakul!

The Dredge Primer

Golgari Grave-Troll once earned a spot on Modern’s Ban List. For GP Vancouver, Alexander West designed a deck to abuse its power once again!

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