MetaZoo UFO Spoiler Pack Opening!

Red Zone Rogue’s going extraterrestrial, cracking open the latest UFO spoiler pack to see what’s inside in MetaZoo!

MetaZoo Topps Wilderness Opening

What sweet beasties can you get in a Topps Wilderness box? Find out as Red Zone Rogue cracks open a fresh new box!

10 Most Expensive Cards In MetaZoo Nightfall

Metazoo is well known for the value that many of its cards represent. Discover the most exciting rarities that can be found in the Nightfall expansion here.

MetaZoo Caster Cup Recap!

The MetaZoo Caster Cup is in the books, and spoiler alert – Lightning decks with Quetzalcoatlus are just as strong as you thought!

Bigfoot Breakdown – Wilderness Edition

Wilderness’s newest Bigfoot iteration brings a ton to the Sasquatch tribe in MetaZoo, reducing their costs and even giving you an instant win!

MetaZoo Wilderness Spellbook Opening

Red Zone Rogue’s taking a first-hand look at MetaZoo’s latest set, Wilderness, to see what spice he can open in its latest spellbook!

Where is the MetaZoo Meta Heading?

Moldy Potion of the MetaBroz is counting down the top five cards from the upcoming Wilderness expansion that’ll shake up the MetaZoo meta!

Which Mothman Card is #1?

Mothman is a fan favorite MetaZoo regular, but which of his cards is the best? Ghost Bear Games breaks them down and ranks them up!

The World and Lore of MetaZoo

MetaZoo draws on the world around us, but you may not know all its cryptid callbacks! Red Zone Rogue breaks it down with his lore of MetaZoo.

What Goes in a MetaZoo Side Deck?

The side deck in MetaZoo is the same as a sideboard in other TCGs, and optimizing it for the metagame can be just as difficult!

The Top 3 Best Spellbooks in MetaZoo

Moldy Potion of the MetaBroz is taking a look at the best spellbooks in MetaZoo, from some Fearsome Critters to the electrifying Quetz!

MetaZoo Holiday Packs Opening!

Red Zone Rogue’s been on the nice list this year, as he gets to open some rare cards in his MetaZoo Holiday Packs opening!

Alternate Forms of Removal in Nightfall

MetaZoo’s Nightfall brought some more “traditional” removal with it, but it also brought some alternative removal to maximize on!

Top 10 Nightfall Cards for MetaZoo

Moldy Potion of the MetaBroz is breaking down his top 10 Nightfall cards for MetaZoo, from board wipes to game-changing redraws!

How to Be Competitive in MetaZoo

Don’t think you can be competitive in MetaZoo? Think again! Moldy Potion of the MetaBroz is breaking down how to approach the game hardcore.

What is MetaZoo? | Red Zone Rogue

What is MetaZoo, the latest TCG that uses the world around you? Red Zone Rogue’s answering all your questions in his latest video!

Nightfall Booster Box Opening – MetaZoo

Red Zone Rogue’s cracking the latest a box of MetaZoo’s latest expansion, Nightfall, to see what sweet monsters he can grab from the new set!

MetaZoo Creators Wanted! Apply Today!

Have a passion for MetaZoo? ChannelFireball’s looking for talented Metazoo Creators to join our content team! Apply now today!

How to Play MetaZoo

MetaZoo is a cool, new trading card game that uses the environment around you, but how exactly is it played? James has an easy breakdown!

Why You Should Play MetaZoo

James looks at why you should play MetaZoo, a new card game that’s attracting a lot of attention since its successful launch.

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