The Empirical Vanilla Test in MTG

The Vanilla Test helps determine if a card is properly statted, but is there a formula to it? MTG Data Science crunches the numbers!

How to Level Up in MTG – Deep Dive

Ready to take your MTG play to the next level? Learn to level up like a pro with Reid Duke’s Deep Dive on improving your MTG game!

Vintage Cube Draft with Reid Duke

Vintage Cube is back on MTGO, and Reid’s diving back into it with a punishingly fast and aggressive mono-white aggro deck!

My Four Step Brewing Process in MTG

Wonder how the brewing process works to break the metagame? Follow Arya Karamchandani’s four easy steps to make the next big deck!

Hard Pivot! – MTG Arena Cube Draft

Sometimes you just have to take a sharp turn when your lane’s closed! Ethan Saks pivots in hard in his latest MTG Arena Cube Draft!

MTG Modern Jund Saga | Reid Duke

While Reid’s usually more partial to the classic and slower “Boomer Jund,” Jund Saga is still a great choice for Modern!

MTG Modern Affinity – Deep Dive

Affinity is one of Modern’s oldest (and cheapest) decks, with tons of powerful options from Modern Horizons 2 and beyond!

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