Historic Rakdos | Reid Duke

Rakdos Lurrus is popular in Modern, but can the midrange strategy come to Historic? Reid Duke’s trying it out with Historic Rakdos Midrange!

Top 5 Seven-Mana 7/7s – Riley Ranks

Riley’s continuing his countdown of the best creatures for each mana value in Magic, this time tackling the beefers with seven-mana 7/7s!

Historic Izzet Horror | Martin Juza

Hullbreaker Horror is one of the best cards in Standard, but is it good enough for Historic? Martin tests it out in Historic Izzet Horror!

Marshall Sutcliffe – Crimson Vow Draft

Join Marshall Sutcliffe of Limited Resources as he brings one of Midnight Hunt’s best archetypes, UB, to the new format in Crimson Vow Draft!

Vintage HollowVine | Andrea Mengucci

Mengu’s breaking into Magic’s most powerful format, Vintage, as he tries Squee-zing in some wins with Vintage HollowVine!

Crimson Vow Draft | Luis Scott-Vargas

LSV’s Edgar’s best man at the wedding in this Crimson Vow Draft, going with a traditional BW Vampire build in the latest Innistrad format!

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