Standard Storm – Deck Highlight

Is Standard Storm real? With Storm-Kiln Artist, Harness Infinity and a ton of copying effects, Huey’s sure to try at the very least!

Standard Temur Midrange – Deck Guide

Temur Midrange combines some of Standard’s best cards together, including Goldspan Dragon, Esika’s Chariot and Wrenn and Seven!

Modern Jeskai Phoenix | Evart Moughon

Phoenix is back on the menu with Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, with Faithful Mending helping fill the void that Faithless Looting left!

Standard Selesnya Party – Deck Guide

LSV’s getting this party started right with one of Standard’s newest decks, Selesnya Party, designed to pick on Werewolves and more!

Standard Mono Red | Huey Jensen

Huey’s putting the pedal to the metal with Standard Mono-Red Aggro, speedrunning his way through the MTG Arena queues with raw aggression!

Standard Selesnya Ramp | Reid Duke

Reid’s testing out the winning deck of the Hooglandia Open, Selesnya Ramp, to see if it’s truly the best new deck of Standard!

Standard Izzet Spells – Deck Guide

Standard Izzet Spells aims to maximize on Smoldering Egg, countering or answering opposing threats until it flips into a formidable Dragon!

Legacy Jund | Andrea Mengucci

Who says Jund is just for Modern? Mengu’s taking the popular midrange strategy even deeper (and grindier) with Legacy Jund Midrange!

Standard Dimir Control – Deck Guide

Mengu’s tuned Standard Dimir Control since day one of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, using Siphon Insight to take wincons from your opponent!

Modern Jeskai Phoenix – Deck Guide

Phoenix in Modern has been looking for a Faithless Looting alternative for years, but Midnight Hunt may have provided the perfect solution!

Standard Jund Midrange – Deck Guide

Standard Jund Midrange took third place in the Hooglandia Open, combining some of Innistrad and Kaldheim’s most potent threats together!

Standard Mono-Red Burn – Deck Guide

With a ton of direct damage in Standard, Mono-Red Burn is able to go face while refilling with Moonveil Regent over and over again!

Modern Jund Sagavan – Deep Dive

Mengu’s diving deep into “Zoomer Jund,” aka Jund Sagavan, the latest iteration of one of Modern’s most iconic midrange strategies!

Historic White Weenie | Reid Duke

Reid’s trying out Historic’s Jeskai killer, White Weenie, with a Human tribal twist in the post-Jumpstart Historic meta!

Top 8 White Cards – Huey Jensen

Huey’s ranking the top 8 white cards in Magic of all time! What do you think the best white card of all time is? Find out now!

Historic Temur Flash | Martin Juza

Martin Juza’s trying a new brew in Historic, Temur Flash, looking to beat on aggro and control decks alike while dodging Sacrifice!

Top 10 Cards of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

What are the top 10 cards of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt? How about cheap removal to Wrenn’s return to a punny throwback! Check them out!

Modern Power Rankings – 9/15/21

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt will be hitting Modern soon, but that hasn’t stopped some big shakeups on this week’s Modern Power Rankings!

Modern Jund SagaVan | Andrea Mengucci

Mengu’s been loving Modern Jund SagaVan, combining a Jund midrange strategy with Ragavan and Urza’s Saga for some new age efficiency!

Historic Power Rankings – 9/14/21

With Jumpstart; Historic Horizons finally settling into the format, Martin’s reevaluated his Historic Power Rankings in this week’s edition!

Top 8 Goblins | William “Huey” Jensen

Huey’s looking at one of Magic’s most iconic tribes, counting down the top 8 Goblins of all time, for all your aggressive tribal needs!

Top 5 Flashback Spells – Riley Ranks

Riley’s counting down the top 5 flashback spells of all time in anticipation of Midnight Hunt, including Storm staples and banned cards!

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