Powerhouse Akora Cards

When I’m playing a TCG, the first thing I’m looking for is to enjoy a good power trip. Akora is a TCG that’s packed with powerful game pieces, making every game feel exciting as players trade haymakers and try to throw out the best possible plays. While almost every card is powerful in its own way, I want to highlight a few of my favorites as far as strong build-around cards are concerned. When you pick up Akora, I strongly recommend considering working with any of these three exceptional game pieces. 

Rain of Fire

In Akora, finding a reliable way to power up your Akora can be the key to victory, and few cards do it better than Rain of Fire. Potentially juicing your Akora for a very substantial buff, Rain of Fire helps you bring the pain for as long as you can keep relic shards in play. Even better, if your opponent decides they don’t want you to be getting such a sizeable buff Rain of Fire still has a notable payoff when it is destroyed.

Hot coals may not offer as big a buff as Rain of Fire itself, but it still adds something to your Akora while also threatening to burn them out over time. Punishing your opponent for trying to be aggressive while turning up the heat is exactly where a dedicated fire deck wants to be, making Rain of Fire and its accompanying coals a great choice for an aggressive deck.

Thousand Thunder Senko

Speaking of aggression, one of the most aggressive things you can get up to in Akora is speeding out a higher tier Akora. Being able to relic up Senko a full turn earlier is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, especially as a leveled up Senko gains literally double the damage when going from 1 to 2, and almost the same buff from 2 to 3! That extra turn can make all the difference where these big numbers are concerned. 

Much like Rain of Fire, however, Thousand Thunder Senko doesn’t stop at presenting a sizable buff. No, if the opponent doesn’t want you to ramp out a higher-tier Senko, they have to pay the ultimate price to stop it- essentially destroying their own Akora if they want to stop you from bringing out a lightning-fast relic up. 

Valley of the Damned

Finally, let’s talk about my personal favorite way to play. I enjoy a bit of darkness in my games and, in particular, love the feeling of paying for power. Valley of the Damned is the epitome of this kind of design, boosting the damage potential of your Akora at the cost of what is essentially their defensive life force. I am always happy playing some glass-cannon builds and Valley of the Damned is perfect for this.

While you ultimately end up hurting yourself if the valley gets destroyed, “Damned” strategies have a lot of ways to make the self-harming nature worth the risk. Cards like Shadow of the Damned make a deck built around this kind of effect exceptionally consistent, so you’re trading risks for rewards and ideally reaping the benefits.

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