How Does Akora Compare to Other TCGs?

I’ve gone into some detail about Akora and how it plays, but in the world of trading card games many have to ask how a new game compares to other options in the gaming sphere. While Akora feels like a unique experience, it definitely has some aspects that ring similarly to other well known TCGs. Here, I’ll talk about some of the ways that Akora feels familiar, while highlighting a few of my favorite parts of the game.

Big Anime Numbers

Yugioh is well known for its use of impressively large numbers and anime aesthetics, both aspects that have given the game lasting appeal. Unfortunately, however, Yugioh is also known for its bloated card text and sometimes way-too-busy artistic aesthetic. Akora, by comparison, has a lot of the former and none of the latter. Its anime and manga-like aesthetic is perfect if you love the old-school appeal of a Dark Magician with some big damage numbers, but you don’t have to worry about walls of text straining your eyes with Akora.

Advantageous Typelines 

One of the defining aspects of the Pokemon TCG and several would-be-competitors are types and the advantages they gain from them. There are few things more satisfying than dishing out double damage with a type advantage, and several Akora cards help bring that experience. Lots of their buffs are focused specifically on buffing or debuffing specific types and elements, giving that same feeling of playing out a superior typing.

Darkrai V (098/189)

A Commanding Presence

Finally, fans of Commander, Magic: The Gathering’s most popular format, should strongly consider giving Akora a shot. The decks of Akora are built around a single creature, the titular Akora, just like a Commander deck is designed around their individual legendary creature. While the Akora evolve over time (yet another pull for Pokemon fans), the Alchemy deck that plays alongside the Akora is built almost exclusively to synergize with the elements, attributes, and abilities of the commanding Akora.

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath

Greater Than the Sum

I enjoy that Akora has clearly taken some of the best aspects of TCG design and found new ways to implement them. It says something that every Akora card I pick up feels like its own thing, rather than an attempt to capture designs or tropes that we’ve seen again and again. Akora takes some of the best parts of popular TCGs and puts its own spin on it, resulting in a gaming experience that really is incomparable.

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