Mono-White Lifegain – Standard MTG | LegenVD

Luca Van Deun better known as LegenVD joins us for his ChannelFireball video! In these video he’s going to show how to build the most competitive decks possible while sticking to a budget! Join him as he plays on MTG Magic Arena!

Cheap Tricks: $15 Zero-Rare Mill

Cheap tricks is back for your weekly fix of budget MTG deck’s. This week he’s covering the $15 Zero-Rare Mill! Join him as he plays on Magic Arena!

Standard Gruul Aggro Deck Guide

Gruul Aggro got a great upgrade from Zendikar Rising. Check out this deck guide by Martin Juza to see what game-winning cards were added in.

Monday Meta #21 – Omnath Ban?

Zendikar Rising is hot off the presses and straight into the new standard! With many heavy hitters gone from standard, Mashi and Martin talk about the new card on the block (Omnath) and the impact Modal Dual Face Cards (MDFC) are having on older formats.

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